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Edie Tolchin speaks to young entrepreneurs at the local library


Listen to Edie Tolchin talk about her career, at recent United States Patent and Trademark Office seminar for inventors.


Please check out my interview on Bottom Line Personal, "Turn Your Bright Idea Into Cash”


Take a look at John Rau’s review of Secrets of Successful Inventing: From Concept to Commerce, in Inventors Digest:


Introducing the ONLY inventor’s book you’ll ever need…

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Link: http://secretsofsuccessfulinventing.com/

Please enjoy my article on Entrepreneur.com.

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A very important reason to hire a well-versed professional before venturing into unknown waters of production testing in China. Always work with an expert! For further info contact Edie Tolchin

Link: Results of China Market Textile and Footwear Spot Checks in October 2013

Please read Edie Tolchin’s article in Inventors Digest magazine

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Learning about product safety when working with China factories is of prime importance. Contact Edie Tolchin for more information about product safety in respect to inventions. All the more reason:

Link: http://blog.aarp.org/2013/09/23/is-that-chicken-nugget-made-in-china-youll-never…

Check out EGT Global Trading’s long-time client and colleague, Maureen Howard of Baby Merlin Co, and her success story behind the Magic Sleepsuit, a major project which Edie Tolchin has assisted in developing, sourcing, certifying, manufacturing and importing, for several years now!

Link: Exhausted Mom's "Magic" Idea Makes Millions

EGT Global trading is mentioned in the article "Just Sitting on the Dock of the Bay? Next Time, Avoid Importing Delays" in Entrepreneur Magazine.

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Here's a MUST-HEAR interview with Karen Waksman of Product for Profit, LLC and Edie Tolchin, speaking about manufacturing your new product or invention!

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Read Edie Tolchin's article Invention Hunters, a Q&A with her industry colleagues, Steve Greenberg and Patrick Raymond – stars of the Food Network show, reprinted courtesy of Inventors Digest magazine – June 2012 issue


Read Edie Tolchin's article on Kid Inventors, reprinted courtesy of Inventors Digest magazine.


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Take a look at Edie's interview with Selling Books

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Listen to Edie Tolchin, and her client and friend, Rose Marie Iskowitz of "Dipe n' Go!" on The Launch Hour, with Ron Reardon and Bill McHenry

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Link: The Launch Hour

Catch Edie Tolchin’s interview on product safety, with Sarah Shaw of the Entreprenette Gazette!

Link: Certification Required?

***NOW AVAILABLE: Edie Tolchin's new book - second edition - Sourcing Smarts: Keeping it SIMPLE AND SAFE with China Sourcing and Manufacturing! All new, with critical information on product safety and the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, and a special section on sales and marketing your product, by Don Debelak and Eric Debelak. Contact EGT Global Trading to purchase, either directly or via Paypal!***


"Manufacturing your invention requires MUCH MORE than just locating a factory!" If you have any questions, feel free to contact EGT Global Trading.


As of 11/12/08, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has called for a new requirement for most consumer products. Details are still being finalized, but it pertains to most consumer products. It will call for a General Conformity Certificate to accompany all shipments, certifying that the products have been tested and meet with whatever testing standards pertain to that particular product, and will need to be signed off by both the manufacturer and importer. I am working on obtaining the updates necessary to assist my clients with this new regulation, and the preparation of the required General Conformity Certificates (GCC). Please feel free to contact me to help you begin the necessary procedures for this requirement.

Link: Consumer Product Safety Commission