Edith G. Tolchin – EGT Global Trading

Edith G. Tolchin, “The Sourcing Lady” , “invented” EGT Global Trading in 1997, with a goal to link U.S. inventors with Asian manufacturers, to provide an exclusive import service for sourcing, quality control, production testing and safety issues, manufacturing, international financing, air/ocean shipping, customs clearance arrangements, and dock-to-door delivery. Edie began her career in import and international trade in the 1970s, fresh out of NYU, with a NYC importer of frozen fish and bicycles.  She has worked with both large and small importers, handling commodities from salted nuts to chemicals and waxes, to wearing apparel and toys. Ms. Tolchin holds a prestigious U.S. Customs Broker License, and has extensive experience with U.S. Customs and Customs Brokers in various products and issues, including binding rulings, duty protests and drawbacks.  She is an Officer Emeritus of the Board of the Directors of the United Inventors Association, and is an expert in the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act’s requirements for product safety issues, the General Conformity Certificate and Tracking Labels. 

Ms. Tolchin is the author/editor of the world’s greatest book for novice inventors, recently published by Square One Publishers: Secrets of Successful Inventing: From Concept to Commerce. For more info: www.secretsofsuccessfulinventing.com. With sixteen experts of the inventions industry as contributors, this book is sure to help you bring your idea from napkin sketch, safely, all the way to shelf-ready product.

Edith is also co-author of Sourcing Smarts:  Keeping it SIMPLE and SAFE with China Sourcing and Manufacturing, along with Don Debelak and Eric Debelak.  She is Contributing Editor and freelance writer for Inventors Digest Magazine, has over 35 years of international trade experience, and has worked exclusively with China for the past 25+ years.

EGT Global Trading specializes in offshore manufacturing services for inventions of textiles and sewn-items, bags, baby and fashion accessories, unique arts & crafts items, and household inventions.